We’ve put together a selection of extra special items for the most wonderful time of the year! This Christmas, go with a selection box or choose your items individually.

Some of these items are only available for pre-order for delivery between 15th & 23rd December. Please check before ordering.

Best Selling Christmas Meats

Latest Christmas Products

We’re always looking at new products we can add to our already plentiful Christmas product lines. Here we’ve highlighted the most recent additions. Customer suggestions are so important in this process. So if there’s an item that you would like to see, please let us know.

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Whole Turkeys

The traditional option is the only way for some. Fresh British Turkeys direct to your door. Succulent and delicious to make your Christmas dinner something for you your family and your friends to remember. These products are only available for delivery on 22nd and 23rd December.

When will my Christmas order arrive?

Weve arranged our delivery dates to ensure your Meat order gets delivered on time and as fresh as possible.

As we all know, more deliveries go out Christmas than any other time of year and so delays are always possible. Consequently, we have only allowed deliveries up to 23rd December. That way, if the courier system does experience a delay of a day, our order would then get to you by 24th December at the very latest. Furthermore, our stay cool packaging technology and cool temperatures will ensure your meat stays fresh even with a delay.

Delivery Dates

22nd & 23rd December

For orders including a fresh whole turkey. All other orders can be delivered anytime before Christmas.

Turkey Breast

As the years go by more and more customers are opting for a no-fuss Turkey Breast as their Christmas Meat. Reared on British farms and neatly prepared with no bones, they make for an easy carve option. Because the meat is consistently breast, you can gauge the cooking much accurately to increase your chances of avoiding a dry turkey.

Below you can view all of our festive options from Turkey, Beef, Gammon, and even pastry items. They’re all prepared in-house by our butchery team.

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