Refund Policy

The is refund policy highlights our actions on both cancellations and faulty goods.

Refund Policy for Cancellations

Regular orders may be cancelled and refunded up to 2 pm on the day prior to the order delivery date. We shall issue a full refund and this should show within your method of payment within 3 working days.

Seasonal orders such as those placed for Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter may be cancelled 7 days prior to the delivery date. Orders cancelled after this time are not eligible for a refund. This is because these seasons require us to prepare many bespoke order and make advanced purchases of meat items to prepare such orders. We are also required to book delivery slots in advance.

Refunds Policy for Faulty Products

If part or all of an order is faulty, we will offer a refund. Specifically, if an item displays one of the following faults, we would class that item as faulty:

  • Premature spoiling
  • Poor texture

Please contact us right away if you have any concerns with your order or items.

We shall offer a replacement or refund if goods are found to be faulty. This will be processed within 24 hours of notification.

Check our Refund Policy against the Law on Refunds and Returns