Here at Meat in the Box we only source British Beef and moreover try to source as locally as possible. Therefore, we’re proud to source our joints and aged steaks from Staffordshire farms with the Hereford breed at the forefront.

Best Selling Beef Products

Minced and Diced Beef Steak are amongst the most popular items across our shop. We certainly believe this is down to their quality and consistency. Specifically, our Mince is truly 10% fat and won’t release lots of fat during cooking as supermarket Mince tends to. Most importantly this is because it’s made from prime steak and not fatty offcuts.

Latest Beef Products

We’re always looking at new products we can add to our already plentiful product lines. Here we’ve highlighted the most recent additions. Customer suggestions are so important in this process. So if there’s an item that you would like to see, please let us know.

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Dry Aged Grass Fed Steaks

Our aged steaks are for the steak connoisseurs amongst us. They are dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days for intense flavour and soft texture. Our expert butchery team extracts each steak from British cattle so we can hand-select the best steaks for aging.

Below you can view our entire beef product range from mince, steaks, burgers and joints. They’re all prepared in-house by our butchery team from British cattle.

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