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You select the meat items you like best. We put the Meat in the Box and deliver to you the next day!

Fresh Meat Delivery

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Christmas Meat Orders

It sure does come around quick and Christmas is most definitely on its way! Make sure you’ve placed your order to give yourself peace of mind that your order is secured. Select your festive date near Christmas to get your meat delivered fresh or buy now and freeze.

Our Christmas Best Sellers

  • Freeze for XmasTurkey Breast

    Turkey Breast


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  • Freeze for XmasBeef Wellington with Lattice

    Beef Wellington


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  • Freeze for XmasSmall Silverside Beef Joint

    Beef Silverside Joint


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  • Freeze for XmasSmall Pork Loin Rind On

    Small Pork Loin Rind On


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Meat Made Easy

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Why Choose Us?

Next Day Delivery
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Fresh Meat

When we began our Meat in the Box journey, we soon decided that we would only ever provide a fresh meat delivery service. It just made the most sense to us and gives our customers the flexibility they deserve. It takes a little extra care and attention on our part but it’s definitely worth it to hear from our satisfied customers.

Certain items, such as pastry and burgers may be frozen due to supply and demand, but we avoid this wherever possible.

Our Best Sellers

  • Chicken Breast Fillets

    Chicken Breast Fillets


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  • Minced Beef Steak

    Minced Beef Steak


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  • 2 Sirloin Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks


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  • Meat Box

    Meat Box

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One Meat Box Fits All

We set out to make ordering meat online as simple and as cost-effective as possible. So we decided on a ‘one box fits all’ approach. In short, we devised a broad selection of items that our customers can choose from to create their bespoke meat selection box. Like chicken? Then fill your box with all the poultry goodness we offer. Or if you’re a steak connoisseur, you can get your fix of British steak in your next order.

Find Out How We Stack Up…

We compared Meat in the box to 2 of the biggest players in the meat box game: Morrisons & Muscle Food. Read more to find out who was the out and out winner…

Next Day Delivery

A key part of solving the meat delivery problem is ensuring that your items get to you as swiftly and as fresh as possible.

Therefore, we only provide a 24-hour courier service from DPD.

We aspire to remain always at a high level in the transport and logistic market
and to be the company of which its employees can be proud and to which the
clients can trust.

DPD – Mission Statement

Stay Cool Packaging

Our specially designed packaging helps to regulate temperature so you can rest assured that your items are kept fresh for up to 48 hours. Each meat item is vacuum sealed for freshness, ideal for popping straight into the freezer!

In addition, our outer packaging and insulation is 100% recyclable.


Your meat items will arrive with you fresh and ready to use. Choose from our broad selection of items – select your preferred delivery day or have your order delivered the next day!

Meat Box Delivery Schedule

Place your order before 10 am to get Next Day Delivery. Delivery days are set out below:






Get FREE Weekday Delivery when you spend £50 or more. Saturday Deliveries carry a £6.99 surcharge.

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