If you’re looking for a top quality product range to order meat online for next day delivery, you’re right where you need to be. Most importantly, here at Meat in the Box, we focus on top grades of meat at affordable prices.

Meaty Favourites

Here’s a selection of our most popular products. We update this list instantly, so you can see what’s taking the fancy of our other customers right now.

  • Chicken Breast Fillets

    Chicken Breast Fillets


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  • Minced Beef Steak

    Minced Beef Steak


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  • 2 Sirloin Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks


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  • Meat Box

    Meat Box

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Stop the cycle of buying substandard, mass produced supermaket meat and instead opt for hand selected meat cuts. Our butchery teams have decades of experience in preparing the most popular and some more obscure meat products and you can find our selections below.

Our Latest Products

We’re always updating our product range. Specifically, increasing existing ranges or adding seasonal products.

  • Box Icon Meat in the Box

    Pork Sausage Meat


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  • Large Gammon

    Large Gammon


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  • Large Slow Roast Beef Brisket

    Large Slow Roast Beef Brisket


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  • Freeze for XmasTurkey Ham & Stuffing Roll

    Turkey Ham & Stuffing Roll


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