Fresh Meat Delivery

Fresh Meat Delivery

Here at Meat in the Box, we always provide Fresh Meat Delivery. Our team prepare and pack each order individually before they send it out for next day delivery. We don’t believe in sending out frozen meat. Yes, this may be easier for us to supply buy reduces the flexibility it gives our customers.

Why Choose Fresh Meat Delivery?

When we began our journey with Meat in the Box, it was always our intention to provide a fresh meat delivery service. Yes, there are those that purchase our Meat Boxes and freeze them down for use at a later date. However, there are those customers who purchase our Meat Boxes so they can get cooking that day. This could be for a special occasion or romantic night in. You can still freeze down the fresh meat upon its arrival if you wish. Therefore, you can store some items that you’re ready to use in the fridge and store others in the freezer to use at a later date.

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Why Don’t Other Companies Offer Fresh Meat Delivery?

At the start of our Meat in the Box journey, we soon realised that a lot of companies that already existed in the meat delivery arena would deliver frozen meat. The reason we believe they do this is simply to make their job easier and we really can’t blame them. By offering this service they create a large stockpile of frozen products, ready to pick and pack once you place an order. Therefore, no items have to be freshly prepared, packed or labelled.

How Will My Meat Box Arrive?

Fresh Meat Delivery

Your Meat Selection Box will arrive in an outer double-walled cardboard box (branded of course). Inside the box, you’ll find our specially folded paper insulation. Please note that these items are fully recyclable and biodegradable and won’t end up in a landfill. Find out if you can recycle.

The fresh meat is packaged in vacuum-sealed bags or cling wrapped for freshness. Furthermore, we add ice gel packs to our fresh meat delivery parcels to ensure everything gets to you as chilled as possible. You can even reuse these gel packs for your next picnic or to wrap around your favourite bottle of wine!

Get Butcher Quality Meat Delivered to Your Door

There’s no need to complicate things, so we’ve kept the options simple. You have complete control over the items you put in your next fresh meat delivery from Meat in the Box!