Delivering meat to the nation brings with it many obstacles, with the packaging being one of the most important to overcome. Here at meat in the Box, we’re continually developing new packaging ideas to keep our meat items as fresh as possible during delivery. That way you can order with confidence, knowing quality, safety and environment are always at the forefront of our packaging choices.

Our Packaging Goals

Insulating & Cooling

Strong & Durable

Environmentally Friendly


Ice Packs

We know that keeping the meat items chilled is vital for both quality and most importantly safety. We include ice packs within our parcels. Not only do these help to regulate the temperature of the contents, but they also remain flexible and so will not damage the items in transit.

Ice packs are designed to transfer their chill to the products within the parcel. As the products are kept cool, the ice packs will begin to melt.

Insulation Innovation

No more polystyrene boxes! Polystyrene boxes are used by many other meat delivery companies as they are excellent for insulation. However, they are very difficult for the customer to dispose of. Not only that but it takes 500 years for polystyrene to decompose and so is awful for the environment.

…it takes 500 years for polystyrene to decompose…

Our alternative to this is our unique folded paper insulation. These are double layered and we include 3 of these within the lining of our parcels. They are designed to keep food chilled for up to 48 hours and so will keep your products safe, even if a courier delay does occur.

“…keeps food chilled for up to 48 hours

Stronger Boxes

The main shield from damage in transit is the outer box. This must withstand the possibility that our parcels are not always handled with care.

Double Walled Cardboard


Other food delivery companies opt for a basic single-walled outer box. However, we use double walled cardboard boxes for strength and protection.

This packaging combination helps to keep meat products at 5°C or below for up to 48 hours. Transit times for next day delivery are between 15 and 24 hours. Therefore you can be sure that your products will be safe upon arrival.

Packaging for the Future

We realised that in warmer months, more condensation would occur on our products in transit. This condensation caused the paper insulation to become damp. This reduces the effectiveness of the insulation and so we needed to find a solution to address this problem. Plastic bags would work but this goes against our environmentally friendly aims.

Waterproof Paper

We’re currently trialling our waterproof paper. This acts as a waterproof barrier between the products and the insulation, keeping the cold and moisture in. This protects the insulation and also maintains our biodegradable aims.