Hot to Cook Minced Beef Steak

How to Cook Minced Beef Steak

Here’s our guide on how to cook Minced Beef Steak. It’s one of our most popular products and this is down to its versatility. Another bonus is the ease of cooking. However straightforward, we wanted to share our process to help you enjoy minced beef steak more.

⏲ Time: 5 minutes.

How to Cook Minced Beef Steak

  1. Choose Your Pan

    Grab your favourite flat frying pan (we’re not a huge fan of ribbed griddle pans).

  2. Heat

    Put the pan on the hob at medium-high to high heat.

  3. Oil

    Add just enough Sunflower or Vegetable (rapeseed) oil to the pan (never extra virgin olive oil) so that when it is swirled around the pan the surface is covered evenly.

  4. Add mince

    Tip your mince into the pan and immediately begin to stir and break up any clumps with a wooden spoon or spatula.

  5. Season

    Season with freshly ground salt & black pepper

  6. Brown

    If you are adding the mince to a sauce to cook further you only want to cook your mince until any red/pink spots have gone. Stir throughout.
    If you are serving your mince immediately after cooking, cook for another 1-2 minutes. Stir throughout.

  7. Serve or Add

    Depending on your recipe, either serve the mince, add your favourite cooking sauce or sprinkle over seasoning. Our Hot & Spicy Marinade works well for tacos.

Pro Tip

Once the mince is cooked, set aside and add chopped onions. Cook until soft. Our Hot & Spicy Marinade works well for tacos.

Do Not

Do not overcook your mince as this will cause the moisture and fat within the mince to be released. This will create a dry and grainy texture.

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