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Now Even More Fresh British Lamb

Fresh British Lamb MITB

Although we already had a great selection of products, our customers wanted to see more Fresh British Lamb. As a result, we made this a priority for the first quarter of the year and we’re here ahead of schedule with the extended range.

Everyday Fresh British Lamb Items

We’ve used our many years of experience in the meat industry to ensure we’ve added the most popular everyday items. For example, minced lamb and leg steaks are a staple in many homes across the UK for midweek dinners. Furthermore, different sizes of Leg of Lamb make Sunday lunch option for families of all sizes.

  • Loin Lamb Chops

    Loin Lamb Chops


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  • Whole Leg of Lamb

    Whole Leg of Lamb


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  • Lamb Leg Steaks

    Lamb Leg Steaks


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  • Minced Lamb

    Minced Lamb


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Why Buy British Lamb?

British Farms means fresher meat
High Welfare Standards
No Growth Hormones
Plentiful across the countryside
Naturally Grass-Fed
Lower Carbon Footprint
Fresh British Lamb

Here at Meat in the Box, we champion British Lamb. Essentially, we do this because we think Fresh British Lamb is the best. Secondly, this allows us to butcher whole carcasses of lamb to our standards and specifications. Below, you can find a list of even more reasons why we support British Lamb. You can find even more information on the pros of buy British Lamb here.

Slow Roast Lamb

One of the best ways to enjoy many cost effective Lamb cuts is to slow roast. Therefore, we’ve included a great selection of affordable slow cook option.

  • Lamb Neck Fillet

    Lamb Neck Fillet


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  • Lamb Shoulder

    Lamb Shoulder


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  • Lamb Shoulder Boned & Rolled

    Lamb Shoulder Boned & Rolled


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  • Mini Lamb Shanks

    Mini Lamb Shanks


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Recommend a Product

As you can see, we take all customer recommendations on board. Specifically, if we think it’s something that we can do, we’ll do our very best to make it happen. Especially, when it has the potential to enhance the experience of our customers present and future. Because when it comes down to it, we’re here to make sure you are happy and have everything you need.

So, if there’s a product that you would like to see added to our online shop, please let us know.

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