Re-Meat Subscriptions

Re-Meat Subscriptions

Re-Meat Subscriptions are officially here! Like most of us, we find the word ‘subscription’ a scary one. Notions of being trapped into a long contract with no way out are instantly conjured. For this reason, we want to add a little extra to the word and use our self coined RE-MEAT. (Yes it really is a sophisticated play on the words ‘Repeat’ & ‘Meat’).

How do Re-Meat Subscriptions work?

If you’ve now tried a few of our Meat in the Box options (and we trust they’ve impressed) Re-Meat Subscriptions may be a useful service to you. Rather than going through the ordering process each fortnight or month you can instead start a Re-Meat Subscription and let the orders flow. You can choose to save payment details or alternatively, enter them manually on each cycle.

Add Items to Basket

Order Frequency


Update as required

How Often Can I Get My Order Delivered?

We currently offer Re-Meat frequency options of every month, every 3 weeks or every 2 weeks, depending on your needs. You can also edit the exact delivery date of your order with your account or Re-Meat Subscription area. 

If you’re going away or just simply don’t need your usual order, you can take a break and suspend your account until you’re ready to get going again.

How Do I Cancel Re-Meat Subscriptions?

Above all else, you can cancel your Re-Meat Subscription at any time within your account area or you can contact us if you have any difficulty. There are no termination charges with our subscriptions and you only pay for what’s been delivered to you.

How is ‘Re-Meat’ Different to other Meat Box Subscribtions?

Along with fuss-free cancellations, another benefit is that you can alter your order options whenever you want to. For instance, if you’re expecting some sunny weather, swap your Meat Box for a BBQ Box without any problems. Simply add your new choices to your basket and select ‘Add to an existing subscription?’ on the product page. You can also do this on the basket and checkout pages if you forget! In addition to these, there are many more advantages to our box as we’ve shown below.

Flexible Order Frequency
Fuss Free Cancellation
Take Unlimited Breaks
Change Options Easily
No Minimum Term
Free Sign-Up
No Cancellation Fee
Free Gifts

Free Gifts with Re-Meat Subscriptions

Another feature which we’re just about to introduce is a free gift with every Re-Meat subscription order. This could be a meat thermometer, an extra steak, chopping board, recipe book or other kitchen gadgets. Keep a lookout for updates to find out when these gifts begin and what yours will be!

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