Lamb Box


We’ve hand-selected these lamb cuts and put them together to create this lamb selection box. Give you a good variety of high quality, fresh British Lamb. Check individual products for shelf life.

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  • Minced Lamb


    For your next Shepherds Pie, Moussaka or Kofta mix

    Origin: UK

  • Diced Lamb


    For a tender and tasty lamb curry

    Origin: UK

  • Loin Lamb Chops

    550g (qty. 4)

    Grill to get that fat crispy and delicious

    Origin: UK

  • Mini Lamb Shanks


    Melts in the mouth when slow roasted with red wine

    Origin: UK

    Out of stock

  • Lamb Rump


    A fine lamb joint for a special roast

    Origin: UK

    Out of stock

  • Lamb Shoulder Boned & Rolled


    Slowly braise for a tender, easy carve, pull-apart roast

    Origin: UK

    Out of stock

  • Whole Leg of Lamb


    The centrepiece for an indulgent roast

    Origin: UK

Insufficient stock


How to Order

This Lamb Box is a set selection box and so you can simply add it to your basket for checkout

Order before 10am for next day delivery*

We set out to make ordering meat online as simple and as cost-effective as possible. So we decided on a one-box fits all approach. In short, we devised a broad selection of items that our customers can choose from to create their bespoke meat selection box. Like chicken? Then fill your box with all the poultry goodness we offer. Or if you’re a steak connoisseur, you can get your fix of British steak in your next order.

How will my Lamb Box arrive?

Your meat items will arrive in an insulated box. This box and the insulation are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our gel freezer packs keep the box contents cool – you can’t recycle these but you can pop them back in the freezer and use them for your next picnic basket or drink bucket. We vacuum-seal or shrink-wrap each item for freshness with storage instructions displayed on each. Unfortunately, the vacuum bags and shrink wrap are not recyclable but we are currently working on a biodegradable solution. Most importantly, the storage instructions must be followed to ensure quality and safety.

If in doubt, always follow government guidelines for food storage

When will my Lamb Box arrive?

Your Lamb box will arrive on the delivery day selected during checkout. You can select the next day or a date up to 60 days into the future. Our courier will do everything they can to deliver your item on the requested day before 6 pm. If you haven’t received your item by this time, please let us know.

*Delivery days may become unavailable once fully allocated.

If you’ve got any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.


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