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We’re still busy boxing your orders but wanted to take a moment to share some fantastic news with you. Meat in the Box is very excited to announce that we now offer FREE Delivery on all orders over £50.

Why Re-Start Free Meat Delivery Now?

During the conception of Meat in the Box this was something that we wanted to implement. The aim was to Make Meat Easy. Easier for people across the nation to get access to good meat at great prices. We knew that to achieve this we needed to enlist the help of a trusted courier. However, we soon realised that when you start out small, couriers charge a higher price for the privilege of a next-day delivery service.

Over time, increased order numbers have made it possible for us to work with our courier to achieve a better value delivery service. These changes have now made it possible for us to offer Free Nationwide Meat Delivery to all customers old and new!

Is there a Minimum Spend for Free Delivery?

Nope. All of our boxes are based around a set price and item quantity. So, nomatter which products or how many you purchase we’re able to offer FREE delivery. That means when you come to checkout you won’t be faced with any nasty surprises or extra charges.

Saturday Delivery Fist Pump

Saturday Meat Deliveries Will Return Soon!

We feel the resounding fist pumps! Indeed, Saturday deliveries were offered in the past but our courier’s pricing structure changed. This meant that we could no longer offer the service and were not willing to pass on these extra charges to our customers. We know that for many who have a standard working week the Saturday delivery option was a popular option. Therefore, we’re working hard behind the scenes to find a way to once again offer this service as cost-effectively as possible. 

All in all, it’s another positive move for Meat in the Box and another benefit to our customers. We’re always changing and adapting so tune in soon for the latest news.

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  1. Mo Williams

    Thank you for the great service I can now have my turkey at Christmas was let down by not getting my order from a store packaging kept meat cold. Delivery was prompt, I’d definitely shop again was better than I expected

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